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Webblex Referral Program

Referrals to Webblex can be a highly profitable undertaking. Your Referrals will benefit from proven local online advertising that gets results – and you’ll earn extra money with virtually no extra effort!

A growth opportunity

Recent studies say that online advertising increased by 38% and local paid search increased by 86% to $9.8 billion in 2018 – an incredible rate of growth that is expected to continue through the next decade! So the potential to refer Webblex, and profit, is great.

Real earning potential

Our customer referral plan is structured as follows: 

  • Referral Incentive For each Referral* to Webblex, Webblex will pay $100 for a product or service under $300
  • Referral Incentive For each Referral* to Webblex, Webblex will pay 25% for a product or service above $300

Payments for Referrals are processed at the end of each month and paid within 45 days. If you are a current Webblex customer, payments will be in the form of a credit on your Webblex account, or, if otherwise requested or if not a Webblex customer, then by check.

Join us

The most success will be gained by people who have experienced first-hand the power of Webblex digital advertising – or who regularly come into contact with local business owners. Such individuals may include:

  • Webblex customers: earn incentive payments by referring us to friends, family and colleagues
  • Trade and professional association members: earn incentive payments by referring Webblex to members of your association and to your business associates
  • Speakers, coaches and industry experts: earn incentive payments by connecting Webblex with your clients and contacts
  • Individuals: earn incentive payments by leveraging your relationships with service oriented businesses and connecting them with Webblex

Looking for something more?

Webblex is also accepting proposals from potential advertising distributors, resellers and other affiliates. Please send a detailed inquiry letter to hello@webblexd9.sg-host.com for our consideration.

*A Referral occurs when Webblex accepts a contract to provide services to a customer referred to Webblex by You and such customer is active and spending money on online advertising through Webblex’s Digital Marketing Services (“Going Live,” “Gone Live,” “Goes Live”). Webblex, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines whether a customer has Gone Live and determines the time and date at which any such customer has Gone Live. Further, Referrals shall not include any customer whose contact information is already within Webblex’s customer and potential customer database(s) and who has been in contact with a Webblex representative at any time during the previous 12 months. *A qualified individual is a person who has completed the process to become a member of the Webblex Referral Program. Webblex does not guarantee success or any level of payments to you.